Frequently Asked Questions

Is AirNet wireless Internet a good choice for me?

I live outside the city limits, so my Internet options are very slow dial-up, or expensive and limited satellite or cellular plans.

AirNet wireless Internet is specifically designed for rural areas that can't get reasonably priced high-speed access.

I like to watch movies and TV shows online. Can I do this with AirNet wireless Internet?

Yes! Our ample speeds mean video streams better with less buffering.

I enjoy first-person shooter games like Call of Duty. Can I play real-time games with AirNet wireless Internet?

Yes! Unlike satellite or cellular providers, AirNet has very low latency and ping times and is perfect for online gaming. Please note: other Internet users at your location can affect your gaming (i.e. movie viewing and game play happening at the same time), so you may need to consider a higher speed package to accommodate all of your needs.

I use a Voice over IP phone service like Vonage or Magic Jack. Will this work with AirNet wireless Internet?

Yes! Unlike satellite or cellular Internet, AirNet's low latency allows many VoIP services to work well. While we do not guarantee any third-party Internet service and can't provide technical support for those services, many of our customers use VoIP services successfully.

I work from home and run a VPN or Citrix session. Can I do this with AirNet wireless Internet?

Yes! Our low latency and ping times allow VPN and Citrix solutions to work very well. Depending on your usage requirements, you may want to consider a higher speed package for optimal performance.

Does AirNet wireless Internet support static IP addresses?

Yes! Static IP addresses are available for a small additional monthly fee. Please contact us to obtain a dedicated IP address.

Will AirNet wireless Internet work with a remotely monitored home security system?

Yes! Many remotely monitored security systems require a static IP address and/or a VPN, and low latency. AirNet meets all of those requirements.

I live in an apartment. Can I use AirNet wireless Internet?

Yes - with your landlord's permission. AirNet wireless Internet requires the mounting of an external antenna to the building, so your landlord must approve this prior to installation.

Tell me more about AirNet equipment and installation.

I understand AirNet is "wireless" Internet. Why do I need a wireless router?

AirNet provides a wireless signal from one of our towers to an antenna on your house. A cable runs into your house and plugs into a power adapter with a built-in wifi router, which we provide. This works both as a firewall and a hotspot within your home to connect all of your devices - PCs, notebooks, smart phones, tablets, gaming systems, etc. - to the Internet. It is included in our equipment rental fee.

Can I use the wireless router I already own?

Perhaps. In some instances, customers may need to utilize an additional router besides the one provided by AirNet. If this is the case, we will need to work with you to ensure both routers are configured correctly, so they do not conflict with each other. If this is necessary in your home, please contact our tech support at 888-355-7767 x4 so that we can ensure the best performance possible.

How long does a typical AirNet installation take?

A standard installation usually takes between 2-3 hours. We test our equipment onsite to ensure a good, reliable signal and invest the time needed to do a professional, aesthetically pleasing install. We also take the time to ensure your wireless router is configured properly within your home, and that all the devices you wish to have Internet access are functioning properly.

Can I purchase AirNet equipment rather than rent it?

No. AirNet does not currently offer any purchase option, nor is our equipment available for purchase at consumer electronics stores. Retaining ownership of our gear allows us to maintain and upgrade our network on a continual basis.

Can I install AirNet wireless Internet myself?

No, AirNet uses advanced and highly technical equipment, requiring that a specially trained technician install our service.

Where is AirNet wireless Internet service available?

Does AirNet have limits on coverage areas?

Yes, AirNet wireless Internet is currently available in Marathon county and portions of Lincoln, Portage & Shawano counties. Please see our coverage map for more information. If you wish to know whether we offer service to your location, please submit a request and we'll respond in very short order.

My neighbor has AirNet wireless Internet. Can I get it too?

Possibly. Your geographic location dictates whether we can get you service - whether you are within range of one of our towers or access points, or if there are physical obstructions such as hills or trees between you and an AirNet tower. Please submit a request using our online qualifier and we will let you know quickly if you can get AirNet wireless Internet at your home.

Does AirNet charge any rental fees in addition to monthly service fees?

Yes, we charge a $4.99 monthly equipment rental fee for equipment mounted on the exterior of your location & the power adapter/wireless router. This rental fee is roughly half the cost of other providers' equipment rental fees.

Does AirNet require me to sign a contract - and for how long?

No contract is required.

Is there an installation charge when I sign up for AirNet wireless Internet?

Yes, we charge $199.00 for each new, typical, installation. This includes not only the physical mounting and installation of our gear, but also making sure each device you'll use to access the Internet is working properly. Some installations requiring extended cable runs (longer than 100 feet) or special mounting equipment may be quoted and billed at a different rate.

Does AirNet wireless Internet offer a trial period or satisfaction guarantee?

No, we do not offer a trial period or guarantee your satisfaction. We do a careful site survey before we install any equipment and don't complete any installation we feel will not perform optimally.

Are there any fees for unreturned AirNet equipment?

Yes, if a customer disconnects AirNet service for any reason and fails to return our outdoor radio & antenna and indoor POE (power adapter) within a 1-week period, there is an automatic $350.00 fee. In most cases an AirNet technician will make an appointment to retrieve our equipment upon disconnection.

If I relocate, can I move my AirNet wireless Internet service with me?

Possibly. Please contact us with the new location to see if service is available at that address. Speed packages may vary based on what service we can provide to that location. AirNet wireless Internet may not be available in all areas.

I'm a snowbird. Can I pause or suspend my AirNet wireless Internet service while I'm away?

Yes. In cases of extended vacation or leave, call AirNet and we'll suspend your service. You'll need to contact us again upon your arrival home to reconnect it. While you're away, we will not charge the monthly service fee, but equipment rental rates still apply.

More Information on Pricing & Discounts

Does AirNet wireless Internet "bundle" other services like phone or TV?

No. We at AirNet believe you should be able to pick the best of all services available to your location and which best suit your needs. We don't want to force our customers into purchasing any service that is not needed or right for you.

Does AirNet wireless Internet ever waive the $4.99 monthly rental fee?

No, our equipment rental fee is required and cannot be waived.

Does sales tax apply to AirNet wireless Internet service?

Yes, WI state sales tax and county sales tax do apply to Internet service.

Does AirNet have a referral program?

Yes. We feel the best advertising is word of mouth, so we like to say thanks for your referrals. For each new customer you send us (one that can get service and signs up with us), we give a referral credit of $25 to be applied to your monthly service bill. Please be sure they mention your name when we come to install their service.

What kind of performance can I expect from AirNet wireless Internet?

What should I know about my connect speed?

AirNet offers "up to" speeds, meaning if you pay for a 5Mbps package, we deliver as close to 5Mbps as possible. If you have clear line of sight to our tower, you should get maximum speed; if you don't have line of sight, your speed may be a bit lower. Speeds expressed as download x upload speed. Speeds are not guaranteed and will vary.

Can I test my speed?

Certainly, you can run a speed test here. Please keep in mind your household shares bandwidth, so do a speed test when all other computers and devices are turned off. Many factors can affect your Internet speed including computer viruses or malware, other users at your location, issues with the content provider (i.e. YouTube, Netflix, etc.), network congestion elsewhere on the Internet, etc.

I'm getting the speed I should, but want more.

AirNet allows you to upgrade your package at any time. Simply call us at 715-241-0200 or email and let us know you want more speed. We'll upgrade you and adjust your billing accordingly.

What if my AirNet wireless Internet seems slow?

Many factors can affect your Internet speed. Individual customers may experience different speeds at different times of the day. Speeds and uninterrupted use are not guaranteed and may vary based on a variety of factors including: the configuration of your computer and its operating system, the number of concurrent users, network or Internet congestion, the capabilities and content of the websites being accessed, network management practices as deemed necessary, and many other factors. When you connect to AirNet Internet service using wifi in your home via any wifi router, your experience will vary based on your proximity to the wifi router/access point and the strength of the signal between devices. Computers that are infected with viruses, spyware and malware, or haven't been taken in for a routine checkup can be a cause of "slow Internet". Any computer which is connected to the Internet should have virus protection that is kept up to date. Operating system updates on computers, tablets, and/or smart phones can monopolize the Internet connection, as can large data uploads from syncing to the cloud or off-site backup programs.

Will rain affect AirNet wireless Internet?

Unlike satellite TV or Internet service, which lose signal during heavy rain or other types of inclement weather, AirNet is not typically affected. Severe storms, very dense fog and ice can sometimes temporarily impact service; lightning storms can damage tower equipment. AirNet monitors our network 24/7 so we know when there is an outage and work very quickly to restore service, unless it is unsafe for our technicians to be working on our equipment (i.e. in the event of an ongoing thunderstorm). We do our best to provide notice of outages - you can find out if you're affected by calling 715-241-0200 x5.

Will AirNet charge me for service calls?

No, provided the issue you're having is due to our equipment or exterior cabling. However, if you want the radio moved (i.e. you're getting a new roof) or it's your router or PC that's the problem, there is a $50/hour charge for our visit. Our technicians can usually troubleshoot remotely to determine what's causing your issue, and will inform you prior to coming out if it's a paid service call.

Is AirNet wireless Internet really as good as satellite, cellular, cable Internet or DSL?

Yes! AirNet offers extremely reliable high-speed Internet; in fact, if we determine your signal is not optimal, we won't install it. Here's how we specifically compare to other providers:

  • Satellite Internet can provide fast speeds but has major issues with latency and ping - the time it takes for your data to reach its destination once you send it. That's because the satellites providing service are in orbit anywhere between 100 and 24,000 miles away - that's how far your data has to travel! In contrast, most of our customers are within 3-5 miles of AirNet tower locations, providing latency of <100ms as opposed to 850-1200ms for satellite. This is exactly why AirNet customers can real time game, stream movies, work from home over a VPN, use a VoIP service, etc. Satellite service is also more expensive than AirNet and has more restrictions on their plans.
  • Some cellular providers offer "4G" Internet through hot spots you place in your house. Many customers have an initial good experience with high speed connections but find that service deteriorates to <1Mbps in short order. The quality and speed of the cellular signal is greatly affected by time of day and number of customers in your area. Cellular service also imposes stringent data caps and automatically charges you for any overages, resulting in big surprises on monthly bills. AirNet offers much more reliable service, and we do not have data caps.
  • Cable can provide very fast Internet but coverage is quite spotty; in fact, service is often available on one side of the road, but not the other! Cable companies also have some of the worst rated customer service and can be quite frustrating to deal with. Additionally, cable providers push customers to bundle services to get good rates. AirNet provides fast, reliable wireless Internet and is locally owned and operated; we pride ourselves on giving our customers great service! We won't force you to buy services you don't need just to get a fair price.
  • DSL is only available in towns or cities, or within a certain distance of the provider's central office. In rural areas, DSL is delivered over aging copper phone lines that cannot provide reliable high-speed access. Typical DSL speeds are between 1Mbps - 3Mbps and vary widely by location. Latency and ping times vary widely as well. Also, most DSL providers require bundling of services to get good rates. If you want to get rid of your landline entirely and don't want to buy services you won't use, AirNet is the perfect solution.

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