How much speed do you need?

Is everyone at your house on the Internet at the same time? You may need faster download speeds to avoid or shorten wait time. The Download Speed Calculator estimates how much speed you'll need to run every activity on all devices at the same time. It's easy! Set the Download Speed Calculator to the number of devices that might be doing each activity at the same time. Then watch the meter climb to show an estimate of the minimum speed you'll need.








Here is an Estimate
Of What You Need.


How we estimate

We use FCC Broadband Speed guide to estimate minimum required speeds.


How download speed works

Internet speed is the amount of data you can receive in a certain amount of time, usually in seconds. For example 5 Mbps means you can receive up to 5 megabits of data per second.

Your Internet speed may be slower if several people are using your home network at the same time. Say one person is checking email, another is playing an online game, and someone else is downloading a movie. You'll need fast speeds for everyone to handle all these activities at the same time with no delays.

Remember, anything running in the background, like apps, affects how much speed you need.

This example shows:

Peak Speed 14.6Mbps
Average Speed 8.2Mbps

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